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About us

Geotech are leading innovators within the soil stabilisation industry and has earned a reputation as THE 'go to' solution providers.

By providing a fast, friendly, highly efficient full turnkey service, using a unique patented process coupled with its proprietary binder, Geobind is giving soil stabilisation a new outlook with a forward-thinking perspective – Geobind is revolutionising soil enhancement.

Founded in 2014 with the objective of bringing soil stabilisation into the 21st century, turnover has tripled in each trading period and the company continues to rapidly expand with exciting future work banks within the permanent, temporary and contamination sectors.

Geobind is equally committed to each member of staff instilling passion and pride into its work force resulting in a superb customer service experience. Graduates are also selected and nurtured within a progressive environment and the company intends to provide apprenticeships and work experience in the near future. Geobind’s committment to staff retention provides unrivalled employee benefits with significant incentive schemes available including share options.

Geobind’s inherently sustainable and green nature is reflected in the company’s own environmental objectives. Geobind believes that through innovation and smarter thinking in the workplace global pressure on the environment can be tackled locally helping to preserve our entire ecosystem for the future.

Geotech Soil Stabilisation Ltd (Trading as Geobind) are the sole provider of the patented GEOBIND binder and the Geobind Soil Enhancement System.


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