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Armoured Layer Methodology

Geobind Armoured Layer methodology 1

1. The Armoured Surfacing Design is Geobind’s most robust temporary design. Recommended for programme lengths of a minimum of two years with average strengths exceeding 70% CBR. Geobind will discuss warranties at the proposal stage guaranteeing its maintenance free lifetime.

Geobind Armoured Layer methodology 2

2. A lean concrete-like finished surface is achieved using the unique plant only available from Geobind, avoiding stone plucking and any degradation to the surface.

Geobind Armoured Layer methodology 3

3. A blend of GEOBIND® distinct from that used for the sub-soils binds the stone surfacing, protecting the underlying layers with an extremely robust surface and offering increased strength.

Geobind Armoured Layer methodology 4

4. The Armoured Surfacing Design can be regenerated as per our innovative Decommissioning programme in the same way as the Standard Surfacing Design.

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