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Construction Excellence Award – Balfour Beatty, Islington Pump Station, Kings Lynn, Piling MatPhilip Fellowes Pryne CEO Geobind accepts award from Balfour Beatty


  • Construction Excellence Award
  • £65,000.00 Cost Saving across 6,000m2
  • Single 350mm layer of stabilisation to all areas
  • 300mm Sacrificial stone surface for piling mat
  • 100mm Sacrificial stone surface for compound
  • 690kn/m2 – 150mpa load bearing
  • Programme reduced to 6 days (total 10,000m2)
  • Primary aggregate reduced by 80%
  • Vehicle movements reduced by 79%
  • Carbon footprint reduced by 79%



Geobind are pleased to announce that Balfour Beatty has given recognition of the great improvements provided to the Islington Pumping Station project in Kings Lynn through use of the GEOBIND® binder. Balfour Beatty has awarded a Construction Excellence Award to Geobind for the piling mat system they provided that achieved a £65,000.00 cost saving across just 6,000m2.

Geobind also constructed a 4,000m2 compound at the works which will benefit from the unique and innovative GEOBIND® decommissioning process that returns the soil pH and Nutrients back to their original DEFRA Indices levels. This will allow full regrowth across the previously stabilised area. All stone from surfacing will be recycled.

The works were undertaken in conjunction with both the subcontractor Barhale and the main contractor Balfour Beatty. The piling was undertaken by Keltbray.

A full case study and short documentary video will soon be provided to elaborate on these works.

(Photo, right to left: Philip Fellowes Pryne, CEO, Geobind – Tom Kerins, Operations Director, Construction Services South, Balfour Beatty – Benjamin Duffy, Account Manager, Geobind)



Geobind undertook the works in two visits, completing the compound area in week one of the scheme and returning to site in week three to undertake the piling mat. Geobind arrived at site, stripping topsoil to prepare areas for stabilisation. A Stehr dust free mixer was then used to rotavate patented GEOBIND® binder with in situ soils. Dust free mixing is a standard Geobind approach which was of added importance at a site located within near vicinity of a number of water courses. The area was then trimmed and compacted, beginning the curing process.

The area was then laid with stone, trimmed and compacted for a second time. The stone is pressed into and cured with stabilised soil for added robustness. The areas requiring piling were designed to have a 300mm layer of stone to satisfy temporary works maximum bearing pressure loadings. In the non-piling areas the standard surface design requires a sacrificial running layer of 100mm Type 1. Testing was undertaken within 24 hours of the start of the curing process and the area was open for trafficking.

A two day site programme was achieved for the compound and a four day programme was met for the piling mat saving six days on the original programme. Keltbray returned the following week to undertake piling.


Looking to the Future

Balfour Beatty is now appraising the use of the Geobind Soil Enhancement system at other sites and how it can be rolled out as standard practice within the United Kingdom.

Geobind is in talks with Balfour Beatty over a number live short and long term temporary works schemes in the UK, with multiple potential designs and trafficking uses. As with the Islington Pumping Station, the compound and piling mat solution is economically and environmentally beneficial and a safer alternative to traditional stone designs.

Contaminated soils stabilisation and solidification is also of interest where permanent building and infrastructure solutions are required. Additionally, Geobind is being consider for highways projects as it can be used as a sub base and capping layer in adoptable road designs.

Geobind are confident that the benefits of increased sustainability, cost and programme reduction, as well as improved health and safety at and surrounding sites is of enough benefit to Balfour Beatty to encourage innovation and adoption by other contractor organisations nationwide as it offers significantly improved outcomes for all stakeholders.

Geobind welcome enquiries from all contractors, designers and consultant engineers as the system can be a valuable benefit for their current projects or future targets.


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