The Greater West Programme

The Greater West Programme was a flagship scheme undertaken by Network Rail. Encompassing six different locations between Reading and Cardiff stations, Geobind installed haul routes and compounds for their Road Rail Access Points (RRAP). Completely limiting maintenance was a requirement of the scheme so Geobind entered research and development. This birthed the Armoured Layer Surfacing design which is completely maintenance free for a minimum of two years. You will note from elsewhere on the Website that this is now a surfacing option Geobind offer to all clients.

The scheme won an International Green Apple award, National MRW Recycling award and was Finalist at the National Rail awards, whilst saving Netwrok Rail circa £1 Million on just 52,000m2.

At the following link you can download Network Rail’s write up of Geobind use on the Greater West Programme. –

Click here to download whitepaper

Or navigate to Network Rail’s Shared Learning site for the original hosting. –

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