Decommissioning Methodology

1. Prior to the decommissioning process commencing, samples of both virgin soil and stabilised soil are taken to analyse their properties.

2. A meeting is requested with the main contractor and/or the landowner to discuss exactly which grass seed or crop is to be planted after the soil regeneration has been completed.

3. Stone is stripped and relocated, often donated to the landowner or to local contractors.

4. A sub-soiler is then employed to break up the stabilised sub base.

5. Re-agent is then rotavated into the sub base using a Stehr dust-free mixer.

6. Topsoil will then be quantified and spread evenly over the entire area.
7. A power harrow is used to cultivate the soil.
8. Depending on the time of year, grass seed can be sown or the land handed back to the landowner to plant crops at their convenience.

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