Sustainable decommissioning

Due to the constituents within GEOBIND®, it is possible to return the original soil properties back to workable tolerances on any applicable temporary work projects.

Traditional methods containing caustic lime at high addition rates cause considerable long lasting damage to sub soil. GEOBIND® does not contain lime and is used at a reduced addition rate. On decommissioning, the introduction of a re-agent to broken-up GEOBIND® treated soil and return of existing cultivated topsoil, ensures temporary work areas are returned to their original state.

Geobind employs a dust-free system and thus there is no chance of airborne dust affecting other areas within the locality. This is beneficial in protecting nearby crops and water courses. The low depths to which GEOBIND® is rotavated and its non-existent leachability prevent ingress into the water table. However, the utmost care is taken by Geobind to ensure water tables are not affected, this is avoided using rigorous investigative testing prior to installing GEOBIND®.

Expert teams of onsite testing, independent laboratory and experienced agricultural personnel ensure that the decommissioning process runs smoothly and yields the desired results. Testing undertaken within the lab pre-start gives the amount of reagent required to return soil properties, this is then rotavated into the soil by the same dust free methodology that the GEOBIND® was originally applied. The agricultural team, then take over the site, reintroducing top soil, cultivating and seeding (if required/or seasonally appropriate). Further testing taken on site and within the laboratory then confirms sub soil values are returned to workable tolerances. Geobind frequently revisit decommissioned sites to monitor regrowth.

Geobind is happy to provide CPDs, attend landowner meetings and enter discussions with land agents. Geobind has immense pride and confidence in their decommissioning capabilities and will dedicate themselves to allaying the concerns of the landowner and land agents, thus unlocking new potential for contractors seeking approval for new projects.

Sustainable commissioning

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