Encapsulation of contaminated land

With Environment Agency approval, GEOBIND® can facilitate the remediation of previously undevelopable sites and make safe for construction – with obvious commercial benefits

GEOBIND® is rotavated to a lower depth of 320mm, so that no contaminants are disturbed or allowed to go airborne during the encapsulation process.

Compared to ‘muck away and disposal’ using GEOBIND® means that significant cost savings can be made, whilst being safer for personnel and staff. This unlocks the potential for land acquisitions and projects which otherwise may have been previously written off.

Our UKAS-accredited testing houses monitor for leachability to ensure that contaminants are securely contained. This is over and above to the rigorous and continuous testing we carry out as part of our regular permanent works.

Geobind has successfully completed multiple encapsulation projects. Typically used on:

  • Decommissioned fuel stations
  • Ex-industrial sites
  • Landfill sites
  • Airfields
  • Ex-MOD land
  • Plus any other sites where contaminants in the soil may be present


Please contact us to to find out more about our encapsulation services. All enquiries will be discreetly handled by our teams of expert engineers and technical support department.

Contaminated Land

Encapsulation case studies

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